Orono Schools Hold Food Drive 

Math, English, Science, and Social Studies–all subjects kids learn in school.

During the last week, students in Orono have also been learning how to help out their community.

“We’ve got a food drive going to raise, get some canned goods together for families that are in poverty.” said Asa Adams Special Eduation Teacher Linda Manning. “We’re going to donate them to the Crossroads in Old Town which benefits also Orono, not just Old Town, so for families that are in need.”

For each grade, there was a little competition to see who could bring in the most food. That competition also extended to other Orono schools. Kids at the Asa Adams School already collected more than 450 items, but it wasn’t as much about the competition as helping out.

“I don’t think we asked neighbors,” said Fifth Grader Emma Cowing. “We just went to the grocery store because, some of us are more fortunate and we got food for people who aren’t fortunate”

“It’s a great way to get kids helping kids,” said Shanna Goodall the President of the Riverview Education Association. “Some statistics say one in four kids in Maine experience hunger and in a great state such as Maine, no child should experience hunger, cause when you are hungry, you can’t learn, and SOS if we can help our kids realize how easy it is for them to help other kids, hopefully it will be something they can do for the rest of their lives.”

Goodall said It’s not just in Orono this is happening. Monday was the National Day of Action. “Communities and schools across the state and across the nation are helping out in whatever way they can to add some cheer and add some assistance in this holiday season.”

And according to Manning it’s another piece of the kids education. “It says a lot about the kids we have a really good group of kids here at Asa and the whole town of Orono actually and they like to help others so I think it’s. a good thing.”

They are collecting food until Wednesday and then it will be delivered to the Crossroads Ministries Food Pantry.