Former Bangor Man Killed at AZ Christmas Party

Catherine Pegram

Updated 4 months ago

A teenager is in jail on $450,000 bond accused of shooting and killing a former Bangor man at a Christmas party in Arizona.

28-year-old Jeff Ward died early Sunday morning.

Tempe Police say Ward was randomly shot by 18-year-old Daniel Taylor.

Police say Taylor lived in the same apartment complex where about 15 people were having a party.

We’re told Taylor walked in on the party twice and was asked to leave.

Police say he came back a third time, dressed in camouflage, reached over a patio wall and fired six to eight rounds.

Ward was hit by one of the bullets and died.

Another woman was injured but police say she’s expected to recover.

Police arrest Taylor in his apartment.

He charged with murder and aggravated assault.

Police say Ward’s parents, who still live in the Bangor area, are now headed to Arizona to meet with authorities.

(Photo Daniel Taylor – Courtesy Tempe, AZ Police)

Taylor, Daniel 12-9-13