Festival Of Trees Opens At Good Will Hinckley 

It’s a holiday tradition that dates back more than two decades. The Festival of Trees at Good Will Hinckley is now in full swing. Local businesses and non-profits decorated each one of the trees as a theme…those themes range from autism awareness to Star Wars.

“Every year we never know what we’re gonna have. We have a Caribbean theme, we have Star Wars to representing local missions in the community. So it’s always a lot of fun every year,” Heather Hodgkins, who is in charge of fundraising for Good Will Hinckley.

The display captivated the third grade class from Clinton Elementary School who stopped by to have a look.

“I thought it was really extraordinary because all the trees they’re just really cool and colorful and bright. And a lot of them they look like they’re homemade stuff,” said Jhnavi Howell, a third grader at Clinton Elementary.

You can find a complete schedule of events and viewing times for the Festival of Trees by going to and click on “happenings”.