Local Illustrator Launches New Children’s Book 

There’s a brand new children’s book on the shelves at Briar Patch Books in Bangor. It was written and illustrated by a local man.

Josh Alves of Glenburn officially launched his new book titled, “Lilly Bristol Dinosaur Wrangler and the Town a Tyrannosaurus Wreks” Saturday in Bangor.

He says he created the idea with his daughter when she was just five years old. Alves has illustrated books in the past, but this is the first time authoring and illustrating. The book is also self-published. The story follows a little girl named Lilly Bristol who helps towns by wrangling dinosaurs.

“I have a bunch of ideas and concepts that have been sitting and waiting to have life breathed into them and so this is one of them,” said Alves at his book launch event.

The new book is available at Briar Patch Books in downtown Bangor. It’s also online at