Bangor Lights Up With Festival Of Lights Parade

Updated 4 months ago

Saturday night Bangor lit up with excitement.

Hundreds of people from all over the area flooded the streets to witness the festival of lights parade.

“It kicks off the whole joy of the season. whichever holiday you celebrate. And you know, we’re coming to the darkest time of the longest night and we just need something to help keep the spirits up.”

Some people who participated in the parade were there to spread kindness, and others were out just to have a good time.

“We want to spread kindness out to everybody, to be nice to others.”
“I wanted to dress up as a sparkly present.”

During years past the lights have always been a crowd favorite.

“It’s just amazing how they can get so many lights on such big vehicles.”

However, others are more impressed with a different aspect of the parade.

“My favorite part of the parade is when the trucks honk their horn.”

Spectators may have even seen some familiar faces walking in front of WABI’s live truck.

But it was santa in the end whose appearance everyone was looking forward to.

“He’s like the best part of christmas.”