Marine Science Students Take a Dive 

A group of college seniors are making a splash in Orono.

Although December may not be peak swimming season in Maine, these students are prepared.

“Scuba diving is a lot of fun. It’s a good time to get underwater and see environments that a lot of people in the world don’t get to see,” said Jeffrey Dubois, a UMaine senior.

The marine science students at the University of Maine are preparing for a future of underwater research.

Senior Jacqueline Rosa said, “Every Friday we practice a little bit of the skills and so today is kind of like show what you know.”

The Introduction to Research Diving class allows students to become certified scientific divers.

“I do a lot of lobster research, so it was awesome to see first-hand the animals that I’m studying. It’s been a great experience.,” said Rosa.

For their final, students undergo a series of tests, including an 800 meter fin and snorkle swim.

Dubois said, “We each brought about two tanks, so that will provide us several hours of time underwater.”

Maine waters may not be known for deep sea diving, but students said they are excited to see where this class will take them.

“I would love to get a job where I can dive almost everyday. This is actually my favorite class that I’m taking down at the Darling Center and I’d love to utilize the skills that I leaned here in the future,” said Rosa.

Dubois said, “So if we apply some place else it’s like, what you were trained in the gulf of Maine? Well they know what they’re doing. They’ve had to learn how to go through all these procedures.”

The students will find out if they passed before the end of the semester.