Second Woman Sentenced in Augusta Pharmacy Robbery 

Another woman has been sentenced in connection with the robbery of a CVS store in Augusta in January.

26-year old Candice Eaton is being described as the getaway driver,she also took some of the stolen pills from the stone street pharmacy. She pled guilty in April.

Eaton was in court Wednesday, she was handed a one and half year prison sentence for being an accessory after the fact to the robbery of a pharmacy.

Tuesday, 23-year-old Stephanie McCormick was sentenced in connection with the crime.

According to authorities, McCormick wrote a note demanding drugs from the pharmacy.

She and Eaton were both in the getaway car.

19-year-old Anthony Post of Auburn admitted he’s the one who handed the pharmacy worker a note saying he had a gun and would start shooting if pills were not put in a bag.