Island Community Hopes to Help Business Owners After Fire Destroys Restaurant 

All that’s left of a Bass Harbor landmark is a pile of rubble.

“There’s a silver living. We’re looking for it, but no doubt it will show up. It always has for us so it will again,” said Bob Cousins, an Owner of Cap’n Nemos.

Nemos burned down on Wednesday night. All fire crews from Mount Desert Island responded.

Regular customer, John Cardano said, “It was, for this part of the island, a place where people came together.”

On Wednesday night, the restaurant and bar burned to the ground.

The family also lived on site and said they were not insured.

“You think of them losing not only their business, their livelihood by their precious belongings,” said Lorrain Smart, a Bass harbor resident.

Many people stopped and said good bye to a place they say was so much more than a restaurant.

Nicole Cardano often visited the restaurant with her family. “My daughter who’s six years old, last night when she found out that it burned down was crying in tears because her artwork was on display in there and her artwork burned down.”

Cap’n Nemo’s was one of the few establishments open year-round on the backside of the island.

“It’s not just a bar. Good local food. Good atmosphere,” said Cardano.

The people of Bass Harbor are already making plans to help out the family in need.

Smart said, “They will rise like the phoenix out of the ashes. I just know they will, with the love and passion from this community.”

As for Cousins, he’s looking to the bright side, saying “Oh well, life goes on. Nobody died and my roof doesn’t leak anymore.”

The owner said he thinks christmas tree lights may have caused the blaze.

The Fire Marshal’s office took over the investigation and said the cause will remain undetermined due to the extent of the damage.