Police: Waterville Man Assaults Girlfriend – Threatens Neighbors 

A Waterville man was arrested Monday night after police say he threw his girlfriend down a flight of stairs and threatened neighbors with a box cutter.

Police say Brian Pelletier, 33, waved the box cutter and threatened to slash neighbors who tried to intervene in the fight between Pelletier and his girlfriend.

When police arrived they ordered Pelletier to drop the box cutter and they say he threw it down the flight of stairs.

“What was very problematic about that was that at the bottom of that stairwell was a juvenile who was actually the child of his girlfriend. And that knife with the open blade came just inches away from the child’s face,” said Charles Rumsey, Deputy Chief of the Waterville Police.

Pelletier is charged with domestic violence assault, reckless conduct and multiple counts of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.