New Details on Missing Hunters’ Survival 

The Maine Warden Service is releasing new details about two missing hunters found Sunday in northern Piscataquis County.

Wardens say they became stranded while driving through an area east of Mud Pond.

On Friday, 33-year-old Travis Hafford and 33-year-old Ryan Stevens tried to pass through a flooded road and got stuck.

They spent the night in Hafford’s pickup.

The next morning, the men walked to the Narrow Pond Road and found their way to Johnson’s Allagash Lodge where they made a fire and spent Saturday night.

The two continued walking the next morning along the road.

A U.S. customs agent found them along Narrow Pond Road.

The Maine Warden Service was contacted after the men were brought to the St Juste Checkpoint in Big Ten Township.

Neither of them needed medical attention.