Korean War Vets Honored At State House 

A group of Korean War veterans were honored in Augusta this morning, to commemorate 60 years since the war ended.

It’s been called the forgotten war which never sat well with people like Edward Davis, a Command Sergeant Major who served in korea for over a year.

“I think most of the Korean War veterans feel like they’ve been forgotten for quite a number of years,” Davis said Tuesday. “Often times they jump from the second world war to the Vietnam War and they forget that we had a war that went on before that.”

In the Hall of Flags in Augusta, a crowd that included Brigadier General James Campbell and First Lady Ann LePage, honored the veterans of the Korean War, showing them they’re not at all forgotten.

“I just want to personally thank you for not only what you did during your military service, but especially what you’ve done since your military service. What you’ve done to build this state and this nation since you came home from Korea. So thank you,” Campbell told the crowd.

Each veteran was given a copy of a new book “Korea Reborn” that takes a look back at the Korean War through first-hand accounts from those who served.

Veterans like Edward Davis say it’s nice for him and his fellow servicemen to finally start getting the recognition they so richly deserve.

“Although Truman called it a police action it certainly wasn’t,” Davis said. “It wasn’t a police action when I was there. There were thousands and thousands on both sides of the lines that fought hand-to-hand.”

There’s roughly 10,000 Korean War Veterans in Maine. Each one can receive a copy of the book presented at Tuesdays ceremony at no cost by contacting the Bureau of Veterans Services in Augusta.