Father of Boy Who Brought Gun To School Sentenced 

A Madison man whose 4-year-old child brought a loaded gun to preschool has pleaded guilty to reckless conduct.

District Attorney Maeghan Maloney says Adam Keene, 31, put the loaded gun in his son’s bag temporarily while removing items from his vehicle, then forgot to take it out.

Keene was sentenced Tuesday afternoon to a 10-month deferred disposition.

For the next ten months he is not allowed to own any weapons. He has to give up his concealed weapons permit, and has to complete a gun safety course and 20-hours of community service. He also has to sit down with people impacted by the incident to talk about it. If Keene meets all of the requirements, the charge will be dismissed after ten months and he can re-apply for his concealed carry permit. Keene addressed reporters outside the courthouse.

“We’re obviously here today because my firearm was found in a daycare bag. I don’t know how it got there but I am deeply grateful that everybody is safe. That nobody was harmed or injured in any way shape or form. And I do apologize to anyone who was affected or involved in this in any possible way.”

Maloney says the fact the gun was loaded led her to bring charges.

“If it had been unloaded it’s something that I would have looked at differently,” Maloney said. “The fact that we really were just a trigger away from a disaster. This was a case I knew had to be brought.”