Belfast Juicer & Business Owner Shares Story 

Juicing is a Hollywood-hailed diet. But for Belfast business owner, Chris Roberts, it was a life-saver.

“I decided that I wanted to find out what food could do for the body to help prevent and possibly take care of these kinds of ailments,” says Roberts.

He’s the owner of “The Juice Cellar”. Roberts eats only raw foods. He’s struggled with depression and bipolar symptoms, and says juicing has solved his problems.

“It really started to stabilize my moods. I have bad days like everybody else, but I’m able to brush it off my shoulders like I couldn’t before,” Roberts explained.

Steve Weston is one of many regulars at Robert’s shop. He started the raw and juice lifestyle in June and since then has lost 70 pounds.

“I just wanted to feel better. My allergies are gone, my insomnia is gone, it’s just changed my entire existence really,” Weston says.

During the summer, Roberts serves up between 80 and 150 juices a day. The most popular is a mixture of apples, beets, lime and ginger.

Roberts drinks 60-80 ounces of juice each day. But you don’t have to go all-out to get the benefits. Having just one juice can improve hydration and that’s why Roberts thinks his business is ready to grow.

“If they just had a juice mid-morning they’re gonna see a huge difference in the rest of the days energy,” he says.

In the summer, Roberts has three employees and a constant stream of regulars. He was also named Best New Entreprenuer in Belfast.

“I’m gonna start expanding my offerings in the springtime.”

He plans to have a full menu and more seating. He also has long term plans to turn “The Juice Cellar” into a franchise fit for small to medium sized towns like Bangor.