Icy Roads Cause Ambulance to Roll Over on I95 

Slippery roads kept police and ambulance drivers busy Monday.

But a crash on the interstate near Howland had emergency crews tending to their own.

Joy Hollowell takes us there.
It started as a routine patient transport to the hospital. But an East Millinocket/Lincoln ambulance became an emergency call Monday went it went off the southbound side of Interstate 95 just south of Howland.

“It rolled over once and came to rest on its wheels,” explains Maine State Police Trooper Trevor Snow.

Three people were inside at the time.

“Driver in the front obviously seat belted, patient properly secured. An attendant, a paramedic in the back, properly seat belted in the back,” says Trooper Snow.

All three were taken to area hospitals to be checked out. We’re told the ambulance driver has more than 40 years experience behind the wheel. He and the attendant suffered minor injuries. They were treated and released from the hospital. The patient they were transporting is also OK.

State Police were also concerned about others behind the wheel, specifically those not following the Move Over law. Troopers say when drivers see emergency lights on the road, they need to move over as far as possible.

“Emergency vehicles include maintenance vehicles, it includes the ambulances and of course police and fire,” says Trooper Snow.

Not moving over could result in a fine.

“It’s a hefty one, it’s better than $300,” says Trooper Snow. “But on top of the fine, it’s just helpful to the emergency crews to give them the space they need to work safely. It’s a tough environment out here for working with the road conditions and people allowing extra room certainly makes us do our jobs better.”
The Penobscot Regional Communications Center tells us they received more than 40 crash reports Monday.

State police dispatchers in Orono say Monday was busy, but not nearly as bad as Sunday when troopers were called to about 100 crashes on the Interstate between Newport and Sherman.