Missing Hunters Found Alive by Border Patrol Agents

Updated 1 year ago


The Maine Warden Service reports that two Millinocket men have been found alive.

Travis Hafford, 33, of East Millinocket and Ryan Stevens, 33, of Millinocket were last seen Friday morning.

They were hunting near Chamberlain and/or Clayton Lake and were due back Friday evening.

They were driving in Hafford’s silver 2006 Chevy extended cab pick-up truck.

Border Patrol agents located the two men alive and well near Eagle Lake Township around 6pm on Sunday.

Wardens say their vehicle may have become stuck, but add that more information will be provided when it becomes available.

  • ilex43

    Could you please change boarder to border,,,thanks.

  • blyvl

    I believe it was a CBPO (Customs and Border Protection Officer) heading to work at the POE, not “Border Patrol agents”.