Icy Roads Lead to Multiple Accidents

Updated 1 year ago


The icy road conditions on Sunday night lead to more than a dozen accidents in the greater Bangor area.

State police said they responded to at least 15 accidents on the Interstate.

Penobscot Regional Dispatch said they were called to about 20 between Etna and Plymouth.

Officials say some vehicles drove off the road while others were fender benders.

There were no serious injuries reported.

Interstate 95 was also closed by mile marker 165 for about 45 minutes to clear up some of the accidents.



  • Jennifer Staples

    Maybe that’s a sign that the state should send out plow trucks to plow and sand those areas on the interstate, rather than waiting for accidents to happen.

  • unnerved

    I was there! There were no salt trucks to be found from Waterville , northbound. We got off at the Newport exit and well we did. Otherwise we would have been waiting on the interstate for 45 minutes. Where were the Salt trucks? Someone could have been killed.

  • kenmax00

    went to bangor last night,(18 wheeler) no sanders, just accidents, got up this morning to head back not much better. did see 1 sander, I guess the old saying are correct, north of turnpike, god put it there let him take it away