Bangor’s Black Friday Madness 

Below freezing temperatures left Black Friday lines shorter than past years.

“Freezing. It’s cold,” said Sally Duplisea who was waiting in line outside Kohl’s.

But the cold breeze wasn’t enough to keep some bargain hunters home.

“I’m gonna save 300 dollars by getting this TV,” Duplisea said.
“Save some money on some presents my kids wanted,” said Nicole Thomas who was waiting outside Best Buy.

Some in line at Best Buy said they may not wait next year.

“It’s pretty unbearable, we’ve been here for hours,” said Susie Seavey.

But that wasn’t the case for everyone.

“I’m not cold at all. I’m so thankful she shared the sleeping bag with me I’m perfectly toasty,” said Chelsea Elston.

Store managers were more concerned what happens once the doors open.

“We hand out maps but it’s pretty easy we’re able to route the traffic in certain directions and control the chaos,” said Ian Fogg, General Manager of Best Buy.

“We communicate to the people that are outside what we have in stock what’s available so they don’t stand outside for three hours and freeze to death and not have any idea what they’re looking for,” said Target store Team Leader, Dave Scott.

As usual, eager shoppers clogged up around the laptops and other electronics. But it seems all the waiting in the cold is worth it.

“It was actually kind of crazy but I manages to get everything I came for and I got even better deals that I thought I was going to get,” said Thomas.

“So how’d you do? Pretty good. I got exactly what I wanted,” said Caleb Warren.

And one long line wasn’t enough to send some shoppers sleeping..

“Go to the mall get some more stuff get some more Christmas stuff for my family,” said Warren.