A Bangor Family’s Weekly Tradition Spans A Decade 

With the holidays comes traditions, but one Bangor family has a weekly tradition that has lasted for ten years.

The Brookings family calls it, “Wednesday Night Dinner.”

“So WND or Wednesday night dinner is a celebration of family, of fun, friends, which started ten years ago, ten year anniversary because of our lovely cousin Mikey who was lonely one Wednesday at Husson College, so we decided to come together,” said Tyler Brookings.

“They keep saying it. Everybody is saying it, so I might have been a little lonely…my uncle Dave (Brookings) knows me pretty well, so he knew something needed to be done, so he said ‘hey come over for dinner, let’s start something,'” said Michael Prentiss.

What Dave didn’t know was what it would become…

Family members, friends, friends of family members started stopping by for dinner, every Wednesday night.

And years later, the tradition is still going strong…

“Well the more the merrier,” said David Brookings, father of 5 children.
“We welcome everybody,” said his wife Kelly Brookings.

Well almost everybody… (a bat found its way into their house this past Wednesday).

“We try to provide a place for our children and friends and family to gather and just share the love and hang out together. It’s been a special thing,” said David Brookings.

“There’s a lot of money that’s been involved. There’s a lot of preparation. Cleaning up…the thing is all of our friends have come to appreciate it. I’ve called my dad before and not a single one of my brothers or sisters have been here, but all my best friends have and that’s pretty unique to feel just as comfortable as I do.” ” said his son David Brookings.

“They actually beat us here often times,” said his younger brother Tyler.

“It’s really exciting to see these young people grow up to be young adults and still come back and care enough about family and care enough about us to come back here every Wednesday when they come home from college or come from way….it makes us feel good because they care enough about us and that’s really special,” said Kelly Brookings.

“Whether I’m 26 as of two days ago, or my little brother who turned 16 8 months ago. It’s been pretty special,” said David Brookings.