High Winds Nearly Destroy Skowhegan Landmark 

High winds knocked out power to thousands and caused all kinds of damage throughout Maine Sunday.

In Skowhegan, powerful wind gusts took down this pine tree, narrowly missing the landmark swinging bridge on Island Avenue.

The tree came down around 3:00 Sunday afternoon, taking out a street light and becoming entangled in power lines.

Crews responding to the scene had to wait for the power to be turned off before they could start cleaning things up.

Town officials are relieved the tree didn’t damage bridge.

“We just spent a lot of money on that bridge. We got into a state program that helped fund 80% of that project and we spent 20% to rebuild that entire bridge. It’s just been a couple years that it’s been completed. I’d hate to lose it so quickly,” said Greg Dore, Skowhegan Road Commissioner.

The swinging bridge was built in the 1930s.