Push to Legalize Marijuana Statewide 

The push to legalize marijuana in Maine for recreational use is once again on.

Portland democrat Diane Russell proposed similar legislation last session but her bill was defeated.

This time she says they’re crafting a bill that will satisfy the federal government.

The bill would allow Mainers over 21 to possess 2.5 oz. of marijuana or grow six flowering plants.

Russell says the Department of Justice announced some guidelines around how to craft a bill that would appease the feds to the point where they would take a hands-off approach

Among those guidelines, prohibiting the consumption or growing of marijuana on federal property and keeping it away from kids.

The bill’s main opposition centered around the lack of support from the federal government.

Now that that’s changed, Russell hopes the bill has a better shot to pass.

The bill must be approved by the legislative council on Thursday in order to be considered during January’s session.