Accused Murderer Appears in Bangor Courtroom 

Mailloux, Zackery 11-18-13

Zackery Mailloux, 21, appeared in a Bangor courtroom this afternoon, wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

Mailloux is accused of killing his girlfriend who was found dead yesterday in an Essex St apartment in Bangor.

The victim has been identified as Brooke Locke, age 21.

Mailloux and the victim were both students at Husson University.

Jeff Silverstein is representing Zackery Mailloux.

Lt. Tim Reid with Bangor PD and Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson were both present in the courtroom.

Silverstein asked that the affidavit be impounded. The State took no position. The Judge has impounded affidavit until the time of an indictment.

Silverstein requested a mental evaluation on Mailloux. No objection from state. The Judge has authorized the evaluation for Mailloux.

Mailloux will continue to be held without bail on the murder charge.