Old Town Students Organizing Fundraiser For Teacher 


Many schools in Maine are done with the first quarter of school, and report cards have been sent out to parents.

But for some 8th graders at in Old Town what they are learning isn’t coming out of a text book they are learning life lessons.

“She is just like a nice person and she, it’s well deserved,” said Sage Phillips.

“She’s outgoing,” added Matthew Bouchard. “She’s funny, she’s nice, she’s a very fun teacher.”

Julia Danforth said “She is actually now like the best teacher I’ve ever had”

The kids are talking about Gert Nesin, and everywhere you look in the hallways of the Leonard Middle School, there are pink posters with her photo on them. Nesin is battling breast cancer, and the students are trying to help.

“Someone asked if they could do a walk and then I had the idea that it would be a good way to raise money, by having a spaghetti dinner and my grandfather is close friends with former Governor John Baldacci and they do a lot of them,” said Kayla Boucher. “So I thought it would be a good idea.”

The students were put in charge of getting supplies and food donated, and collecting items for a silent auction. They also have to research cancer and do a project on the disease. So it is educational, but for the last six weeks or so, they’ve learned a lot about people according to their teacher John Jay.

“I think when they see the rest of the community helping out, pitching in, and really recognizing that this can be an event, not just for the eighth graders, but an event for the entire community, that they are willing to go the extra mile for us, we have students staying after school each day, trying to help out.”

“I’ve learned that people can get through these kinds of things,” said Phillips, “And that as a community we can come together and make things happen.”

The dinner is Thursday night from 5 to 7pm at the Leonard Middle School, with a suggested donation of 6 dollars. proceeds with go to Gert Nesin and to the Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer.

There will also be a silent auction that night as well.