Hampden Resident Unhappy with ME Cancer Registry Findings 

The Hampden Town Council heard from the Director of the Maine Cancer Registry at its meeting Monday night.

Dr. Molly Schwenn was asked to speak to the council after Hampden resident Jim Barrows spoke out about his concerns of a cancer cluster.

Barrows says the large number of cancer cases in Hampden and especially on Coldbrook Rd near the former Pine Tree Landfill is alarming. He claims there is an average of three cases of cancer per household.

Dr. Schwenn said she found no compelling evidence of a cancer cluster in Hampden, but also said she would continue to look at data.

Barrows was not satisfied with her explanation.


“For the town of Hampden as a whole, I found that the rates of cancer of over all and for the major types are not higher than they are for the county of Penobscot or for the state,” Dr. Schwenn said.

“Real frustrating, that’s… the people are sick we discovered five more people just since the October 7th meeting and the other part that is disturbing is that the Hampden Town Council as you can see tonight is dragging their feet the way they’ve been dragging their feet since 2002. For some reason somebody dosen’t want to know what’s going on on the Coldbrook Road,” said Barrows.

The town council decided they would continue discussions with Dr. Schwenn and have another committee address the issue.