Abbot Suicide Prevention Non-Profit Hosting Dinner and Auction 

A non-profit in Abbot is all about working together to bring people out of the darkness and into the light.

“It’s been really fun and amazing to see how the businesses, especially in our local community, and throughout the state of Maine, are so generous and giving,” said Monica Bates.

Her community is showing their support of the JD Foundation. The organization means so much to Bates.

“It’s played a huge role in my coping skills, and in my life, and I’m very grateful for the JD Foundation,” said Bates.

She reached out to Cheryl Morin when she needed advice with a friend she believed was suicidal.

“Suicide is a tough subject. ¬†And, there’s not many people out there that want to work around that,” said Morin, founder of the non-profit.

Morin decided to help others after her own tragedy.

“It became a non-profit October 2008. That was almost three years after I lost my son to suicide which was November 18th, 2005. I knew that because of our loss, that there were actual warning signs of somebody who is suicidal, that I had no idea about,” said Morin.

They hope to raise money through an upcoming dinner and auction. She says the more help they can get, the better.

“I believe because of the warning signs that my son had, he could’ve been saved, if I had been educated, so, let’s get as many people educated as we can, and maybe we will save a life, and I know we have, I know we have saved a life,” said Morin.

The foundation works with people all over the state, teaching the signs of suicide, like depression, mood swings, anger, and no sense of purpose.

They also have a program that brings people dealing with depression into nature.

“It just gives you an overwhelming feeling that you’re doing something worthwhile. That people really enjoy it,” said Vic Morin, the director of Connecting With Nature, and Cheryl Morin’s husband.

They’re certain the foundation is something Cheryl’s son, Joe, would have been proud of.

“I do think, I think I know that he thinks it’s fantastic,” said Morin.

The event is this Saturday, November 23rd at the Guilford American Legion on 107 Main Road.

Dinner is from 4:30pm to 6:30pm and the auction immediately follows.

For more info, call them at 876-2295 or go to

They’ll also be posting items on their Facebook page.