Recognition Dinner Celebrates JFK 50th Anniversary 

The Penobscot County Democratic Committee held a special event Saturday evening.

The committee holding the John F. Kennedy Recognition Dinner.

The event is held every other year.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of JFK’s speech at the University of Maine just 34 days prior to his assassination.

Paul Davis, the Chair for the Penobscot County Democratic Committee says, “I think it’s more of a celebration tonight more than anything. He was here, he inspired people, and people want to celebrate that. Not really his death, as much as his life and what he meant to this country.”

“He definitely has been a real motivator for this country, when you look at when he was sworn into office and the enthusiasm and the excitement among republicans, democrats, and independents was just amazing,” said Congressman Mike Michaud.

Three awards were presented at the dinner.

The Penobscot County Award went to the Stevens family of Bangor.

The William J. Sullivan Award went to Robert Talbot.

The President John F. Kennedy Award went to Mike Michaud.