Local Tattoo Shop Holds Food Drive For Community 

People of the piercing and tattoo community are gathering together this weekend.

Diversified Ink in Bangor is holding a food drive.

All the donated items are being given to Manna to distribute to families in need during the holiday season.

There’s also an incentive to bring in donations.

You can get a dollar off a piercing or a tattoo for every item you bring in.

Bethany “B” Downs, the head piercer at Diversified Ink says, “We’re not what people would presume to be the bad apple just because we have tattoos and piercings. we’re just like everybody else and we just want to help everybody else and we just want to help everybody and do what we can to support people that need the help”

Diversified Ink says that helping out is a privilege they are happy to be a part of.

Their food drive continues on Sunday from 10am-6pm.