Teen Faces Assault Charges for Acadia Hospital Incident

Updated 1 year ago

A teenager accused of attacking staff members at Acadia Hospital making his first court appearance via video conference on Friday.

Darney Adams, 19, is charged with two counts of assault, aggravated assault and terrorizing.

Adams did not enter a plea since he faces all felony charges.

His bail is set at $25,000 cash.

The hospital staff members sustained minor injuries after the incident.

Adams, Darney 11-15-13
  • Advidactivist

    He has autism and has been in and out of group homes his whole life. Look at his face hes petrified. How is putting him in jail with murders doing him any good if Acadia couldn’t handle him they should have transferred him to a facility that could not put him in jail where there is more stimulus and this 19 year old does not have the mind of a 19 year old. The staff give Minor injuries yet 25000 dollars bail possibly 15 years in jail. I dont understand, someone broke a PFA, took a knife to his wife and threatened to kill her he wpgot ten years a woman murdered her husband shes being released from a psychiatric facility. Darney (pronounced Dar-ney) not Darn-ey suffers from Autism, and doesn’t lash out unless something is wrong. Had was in a psychiatric facility for a reason now he is in jail here he can learn bad behaviors, be over stimulated and. I’d not going to get the one on ken time he needs? I understand it. No he should have used violence ever. However what were the staff doing making it possible for him to tackle one down from behind? Why wasn’t anyone asking what was bothering him and why was the staffs back turned in thee? OSHA fined Acadia less than two years ago for instances like this. So yes Darney did wrong but so did Acadia and the staff. He should be in a facility that specializes in autism not jail.