Bucksport Family Hopes to Help Teen Drivers After Tragedy 

Family and friends came together Thursday night to keep the memory of a Bucksport teenager alive.

“She was the type of person that you felt really comfortable around and she just brought life to anyone,” said Hailey Betts, a high school student.

Taylor Darveau, 15, was killed in a car accident on October 3rd.

While many of the accident details are unclear, it is known the car was driven by a 16-year-old.

In Maine, an intermediate driver can only have family in the car for the first 9 months.

Taylor’s friend, Kylie Wing said, “I hope it makes the biggest change and people stop reckless driving.”

Now her parents are giving their daughter her voice back.

The teen’s mom, Christina Darveau said, “Soon after Taylor’s passing we were obviously struck with grief, sadness and anger and we needed something to direct our feelings into.”

They started the Taylor Foundation and then created car decals.

“Taylor’s name is now an acronym which stands for: Thinking About Your Life On The Road,” said Corey Darveau, Taylor’s father.

The Taylor Tags are part of an awareness program.

The sticker is placed on the front and rear passenger side of the car, which the Darveau’s said is a sort of symbolism for their daughter who was the passenger on her last ride.

“She is smiling down upon us all knowing that her closest loved ones have had their hands on every decal that’s going to go on these teens cars and I take comfort in that,” said Taylor’s Mom.

While the family has received overwhelming support, there’s also been backlash when the Darveau’s announced they hope to change legislation to make all intermediate drivers in Maine sport a similar decal – warning others of their inexperience.

Taylor’s Dad said, “My answer to those people who are opposed to this is: we will fight for your kids too.”

Since the accident, just making it through the day hasn’t been easy for this family.

“It’s not strength that we are displaying, it is a love for our child,” said Corey Darveau.

But they know their blue-eyed daughter smiling with pride, is just what they need.

Christina Darveau said, “She would say, our family has never done anything small. Go big.”

If you’d like more information on the foundation or car decals, head to the Taylor Foundation Facebook Page.