Food AND Medicine Preps For Thanksgiving 

Food AND Medicine will distribute food baskets to more than a thousand laid off workers and their families this Thanksgiving.

It’s the 11th annual Solidarity Harvest, families in every county in Maine will get food from local farmers. This year Food AND Medicine and donors gave more than $35,000 to farmers for the food that goes into the baskets.

“And when you deliver the baskets the people break down you know these are big tough mill workers and tears of joy that now they can provide for their families,” said Kevin Gregory, a volunteer and laid off mill worker.

“It’s so important to be able to show that as a community we want to address this need it could be anyone of us that has that need in the future and I think it builds a stronger community for all of us to to get out there and to help,” said Bangor City Councilman. Gibran Graham.

Food AND Medicine needs volunteers to help put the baskets together. For when and where you can help out, go to