Bangor Gamers Camp Out for PlayStation 4 

Sony’s Playstation 4 was released at 12 am Friday. Some gamers in Bangor couldn’t wait to fire up the new console. Best Buy hosted a midnight release.

A dedicated crowd of 20 or so people were waiting outside the store around 9 pm. Some slept there the previous night. They admit, the camp out isn’t necessary to get their hands on the new system.

The second person in line, Taj Purvis, said, “No you can pre order it! There’s a line over there for the people that pre-ordered it, you know?”

We asked, “So why bother camping out?”

“This is an intense group. This is where you meet your tightest online allies,” he said.

Best Buy staffers weren’t able to tell us exactly how many PS4’s they’re stocked with.

Sony hopes to sell 5 million by the end of March.