Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers Needs Christmas Donations 

The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers helps thousands of families and children each year.

In order to help as many kids as possible during the holidays, help is needed.
” We do need a constant supply of inventory in order to keep the packing going consistently and steadily,” said Cristen Sawyer, a development associate and director of the Christmas program.

The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers hands out more than 1,600 Christmas boxes each year.

They go to kids 12 and younger whose parents need a little help to handle the holidays.

“It’s never too early to donate to Christmas and it’s never too late. For us, it is a year-round project,” explained Sawyer.

It takes hundreds of volunteers to pack up the boxes and keep things organized.

” I like doing it. It’s fun, it feels good to help others,” said Owen Soucy, a volunteer.

” It’s fun but at the same time I can make other kids feel the same way, and not left out, and see all the other kids that have all these toys and be like, aw, I don’t have that,” added Amber Worthley, another volunteer.

” We get a lot of volunteers back who had been helped through our program in the past,” said Sawyer.

It’s a program that not only brings smiles to the recipients, but to Santa’s helpers, too.

” For them to have something and know that people care, is something I enjoy,” said Worthley.
They need donations of toys, clothing, books, and more. All items must be new.

For a list of needed items, click here. You will also find information on how to donate and how to apply for help.