Homeschooling 101: Brewer Family Just Starting 

For Kristi Bartlett the decision to homeschool her son, Devlin, was personal.

” It’s about our schedule and our family,” explained Bartlett.

Bartlett has three kids. Devlin, 6, is the oldest.

” There are days where I’m holding the baby and she’s crying and wanting to be fed and he’s not done yet. We’re like, ok, take a break, time to feed the baby, and then we come back to it. It’s nice that he understands that there are other things that I have to do as well, but we manage to fit it all,” said Bartlett.

It also fits in with her family. She works from home and her husband is military. Homeschooling allows the family more flexibility.

” He’s not active duty but in case he ever has to go long-term to a school, we could go with him,” said Bartlett.

Bartlett decided to give homeschooling a try to see how it works out.

” When I was in school there were some subjects that I was way ahead of and other subjects that I needed more help on. I liked the face that you can customize it to your kids,” said Bartlett. ” I have a curriculum that I downloaded off the internet for geography and a little bit of history and then we’re working on math. Just the basic addition and subtraction this year, and how to read.”

Bartlett will admit, it’s work.

” There are days when it’s hard and days where it’s really fun. We just got back from a trip and we were able to go to a zoo and learn about the animals and kind of get out of the house a little bit,” said Bartlett.

It’s also been good for her, as the teacher.

” It’s fun for me, too. It’s fun for me to come up with things that I know will excite them,” said Bartlett.

Right now, things are going well, but it’s still too soon to decide if homeschooling will be permanent.

” We’re taking it year by year. We’re not saying yes, we’re homeschooling all the way up through, or only doing one year, or only until high school. We’re just deciding at the end of every year if it’s still working for our family,” explained Bartlett.

She also knows, it’s not for everyone.

” School is something that every kid has to do and you have to make it what works for your family. What works for my family might not work for somebody else,” said Bartlett.
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