Hermon High Grad Following Rap Dreams 

A Hermon High grad hopes to be a chart topping rap star. For now, he lives at home, funding his future through a job a K-Mart.

While his friends filled out FAFSA’s and applied to college, Brandon Ross made other plans. “I just kind of told her. I was like Mom, I want to be a rapper, and she’s like, I know,” said Brandon.

“He agreed to take a couple years off before he goes to college,” said his mother Melissa.

Brandon’s desire to follow his dream came as no surprise to his parents. Last week they sat in their living room and admired his early work. They watched him perform his first “single” while jumping around their home, in an old home movie.

His first paid performance was shortly before his high school graduation. It was the first concert he’d ever attended. “Basically just stole the show,” said his manager Sean Smith.

Now he finds himself shoulder to shoulder with names like Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, Termanology, and Spose. “Then, like, they’ll actually listen to my music and they’ll be like, wow, you’re actually really good,” said Brandon.

“You see like his main vocals, they shine so much,” said his producer Andrew Clifford, while watching him record a new song.

“This is just one kid that kind of stuck out to me. It is a fact that you can tell he has hunger. You can tell he’s very, very humble,” said Smith.

Sometimes the modest musician’s content pushes the limits of his parent’s comfort.

“I did one song that was pretty sexual,” admitted Brandon.

“He’ll know by the look that I give him,” said his mother Melissa.

“I had to leave the room when there was some bad parts,” said Brandon. He realizes that his support system sets him apart. It might just be the key to his success.

“I’ll look, while I’m on stage and she’ll be singing every lyric,” said Brandon, about his mother.

“The steps are being taken to get him to that next level, that’s for sure,” said Smith.

“You know, looking for the fancy cars and the big house and so I hope that it takes him there,” said Melissa.