Bangor City Council Swears in Members, Elects Chair 

Bangor City Council swore in its newly elected City Council members Wednesday.

Nelson Durgin has served on the council since 2010.

This is the first term for both Gibran Graham and Joshua Plourde.

They’re excited to get started.

“I spent a lot of time doing door to door. I did a lot of time campaigning and I finally caught up on sleep and now I’m here and this is really the first official day and I’m ready to hit the ground running,” said Plourde.

“I do think that communication is something that definitely needs to be strengthened between this building and the rest of the community and I’m looking forward to working on fulfilling that,” said Graham.

In a time of cutbacks from the state, Plourde says he is ready to figure out how to cover certain city expenses without increasing the burden on citizens.

The council also elected Ben Sprague as chair.

He says he’s looking forward to continue bettering Bangor.

“Well the important thing is that Bangor is really on the move. We see vibrancy and new things going on in Bangor the last decade that are incredible. At the same time, we have challenges coming our way from the state, from the socio-economic realities around us. It’s going to be a different year in a lot of ways, so the challenge is going to be moving the ball forward in Bangor while we deal with some of these challenges,” said Sprague.

Sprague said one of the biggest challenges will be the budget.

He says with state and federal programs not providing the funds that they should be, the city will have to figure out what services they can provide despite these declining revenues.

Sprague also says the city’s drug concerns will also be a priority.

He also says technology is revolutionizing industries…why not local government?

He hopes to use data from technology to solve problems and do things more efficiently.

The new City Council will come together for their first meeting Wednesday night.