Glenburn Community Helping to Keep Ellie Strong 

The community is rallying around a Glenburn family after a young girl was diagnosed with a rare sickness.

“She is a happy, sweet little girl. She loves princesses. She loves to play dress up, and be girlie. She is just a sweet little girl, and she’s very strong-willed, and that has worked in her favor for this,” said Candi LaBree.

Her four-year-old daughter, Ellie, is battling cancer.

“Ellie has orbital rhabdomyosarcoma, which is cancer of the tissues in her eye,” said LaBree.

“We went to the eye doctor. They sent us to get a CT scan to rule out a tumor. ¬†They saw a mass behind her eye, and we went and had 90% of that out in Portland, and then once they analyzed that, that’s when they told us she had cancer,” said LaBree.

Ellie started her first three month round of chemotherapy.

“Then she’ll go to Boston and have four to six weeks of radiation and then when she comes back from that, she’ll have three more months of chemo,” said LaBree.

The community is showing the LaBree’s they aren’t alone in their battle.

“We started the Ellie Strong Facebook page,” said Christal Ryder.

Proceeds from the sale of bracelets and t-shirts will go to help the LaBree family keep Ellie strong.

“It’s crazy the response we are getting from them,” said Ryder.

Christal Ryder and Amy Saucier wanted to do something to help the little girl who means so much to their daughters.

“It’s hard to watch anybody go through cancer, but as a mom, it’s worse to watch a four year old go through cancer. You just watch these innocent little four-year-olds running around, and playing, and then something hard happens like this, and no one should have to go through it alone. To be able to give some sort of support, it just feels good,” said Ryder.

LaBree says doctors are optimistic Ellie will beat the cancer, but concerned it may come back.

“She’s a fighter for sure,” said LaBree.

There’s a spaghetti dinner Saturday, November 16th, at the Elks Club in Bangor on the Odlin Road to benefit the LaBree family.

It runs from 12:30pm to 4pm.

For bracelets, t-shirts, and more information, you can go to the Ellie Strong Facebook page by searching for EllieSTRONG1.