Students Honored In Bangor For “Freedom Essays” 

Area middle and high school students were honored at the Cole Land Transportation Museum Monday.

The students read their winning “freedom essays,” which they wrote after interviewing veterans at the museum earlier this year.

There were three middle school and three high school winners.

The ceremony was the first time the veterans got to hear what was written about them.

Both the students and veterans say the veteran interview program makes an impact on them.

“It’s very like insightful. I like hearing about them because they’re been through a lot more than me, so it’s cool to hear about what they’ve gone through, how they’ve gone through it and how the time has changed since then,” said Zack Williams, a 10th grader from the Acadia Christian School in Trenton. He placed second for the high school competition.

“Well I’ve got PTSD, you probably know what that is, and this is therapy for me,” said Norman Rossignol, a WWII and Korean War veteran.

Winning students took home I-Pads. Second and third place winners took home other tablet devices.

Four out of the six winners were from the Acadia Christian School in Trenton.