Soldiers Welcomed Home in Bangor on Veterans Day 

After being gone for nine months, some Maine soldiers got a warm welcome home Monday.

Eight soldiers from the Maine Army National Guard are back from Afghanistan.

Family and friends greeted them at the Army Aviation Facility in Bangor.

It was a special veterans day for Army Reserve Specialist Kendall Noke.

His brother, Luke, was one of the returning soldiers.

“I know exactly how he feels and I’m just glad he gets to experience it. It’s the greatest feeling in the world when you come home, and I’m just glad he gets to feel that right now,” said Kendall Noke.

“It is fantastic. It’s something I’ve been waiting for for a long time, and it’s finally here. I’m super excited,” said Sgt. Luke Noke.

Governor LePage, and the First Lady, were also there to welcome them home.