Fracking Protestors Gather in Bangor 

Bangor is often the grounds of many different protests, all for various reasons.

On Sunday protestors gathered on Stillwater Ave to protest fracking.

Many of the protestors are indigenous people from reservations all around Maine and New Brunswick.

Their goal is to gain people’s attention of the fracking industry.

Sherri Mitchell, Executive Director of The Land Peace Foundation said, “We’re standing for future generations. For the rights of the earth. Because our children and our grandchildren will not be able to survive on this planet if we don’t stand up and do something right now.”

While they say they don’t necessarily want the fracking industry to go away, they hope for it to be more responsible.

An informational meeting will be held at Penobscot Nation, November 17th at 1 PM.

That meeting will be open to the public.