Fracking Protestors Gather in Bangor

Updated 1 year ago

Bangor is often the grounds of many different protests, all for various reasons.

On Sunday protestors gathered on Stillwater Ave to protest fracking.

Many of the protestors are indigenous people from reservations all around Maine and New Brunswick.

Their goal is to gain people’s attention of the fracking industry.

Sherri Mitchell, Executive Director of The Land Peace Foundation said, “We’re standing for future generations. For the rights of the earth. Because our children and our grandchildren will not be able to survive on this planet if we don’t stand up and do something right now.”

While they say they don’t necessarily want the fracking industry to go away, they hope for it to be more responsible.

An informational meeting will be held at Penobscot Nation, November 17th at 1 PM.

That meeting will be open to the public.

  • tiredtaxpayerinmaine

    Wow! First of all, we don’t frack in Maine. Second, fracking doesn’t harm the earth or the water supply. These people really need to do some research…. REAL research, and THEN they would know the truth!

    • Lolar

      Fracking is taking place on the western border of Maine (Canadian Side), being negotiated behind the scenes for further development to be exported (gas) to China and other developing countries. As a former water sampling/tesing assistance to a federal hydrologist…. Frack, does harm the surrounding water supplies and spreads throughout the surrounding aquifers much further beyond the local area(s).

      • tiredtaxpayerinmaine

        Canada can drill all they want… we have no control over that. Also, I highly doubt your comment, “As a former water sampling/tesing assistance to a federal hydrologist….” as this is not true. EPA standards and continuous testing of sites and water supplies in the area also disprove your statement. Cabot Industries, one of the leading drilling companies, test water BEFORE and AFTER drilling and shows no significant changes.

        • Lolar

          Cabot industries has been legally removed from 9 states due to poor drilling practices and still have multiple law suits pending. The current spoken of Canadian drilling company practices the technology of horizontal drilling (toward Maine) with a testing background of only vertical drilling (down to 200 – 600 feet) recorded for only 12 years. Differences in the shale rock formation due to the horizontal versus vertical breaks. Our records (sampling with Federal Hydrologist – contracted by the EPA & DEP-NY) have been blocked for another 8 years due to lobbying in NY with support of governor and lobbyist ties. Understanding Maine is not a rich state, has many ambitions to bring cheaper energy and jobs, but the facts don’t support the claims. Maine exports 90% of all energy in terms of hydro and wind at this point. Now why would Maine export this much if they are an energy independent state? The point is Maine’s best interest is to have leaders who represent hard working tax payers like yourself. A single income household needs any advantage they can get. I understand this as well.

          Also, on a side note: I worked for New York States University (SUNY) interest versus Honeywell as samplers, a partner/patent agreement partner of Cabot Industries. They are not your friend.

    • OronoMolly

      No. We don’t frack YET in Maine. This group was making sure people knew about fracking, and knew enough to make sure we never do frack in Maine, however, there are shale oil fields on either side of the Maine border that actually extend into Maine. “These people” know people personally who are effected by fracking, especially by a US oil corporation bullying their way onto territory that they have no right to be on. Its despictable greed. And I agree with your statement: “REAL research” and then perhaps you might change YOUR mind.

  • OpenYourEyes

    Sir, it does impose danger’s upon our water supply. You may be just to ignorant about the economy to care about our ecosystem, maybe you should do you REAL research and maybe THEN there may be HOPE for the future. Gas is an finite resource and big companies are desperate for every last drop.

    • tiredtaxpayerinmaine

      First of all, I’m not a “sir.” Second, where is your proof? And lastly, please don’t refer to someone whom you don’t know so negatively by insinuating they are ignorant because they do not feel the same way as you do. I base my statements on actual facts, not feelings.

  • Melvin Augustine

    Because we care……No Fracking For Shale Gas In Maine !!

  • Harry Manly

    no they don’t frack in maine but they dump fracking waste here from out of state and yes fracking is polluting our air by releasing large amount of gas from the wells into the atmosphere

    • tiredtaxpayerinmaine

      What are you talking about… fracking waste? There is no fracking waste. Any gases are burned off on site, and water is filtered as it comes back up out of the hole. Again, there is no fracking waste; hence, nothing being dumped here in Maine.

  • WaterJustice

    Fracking affects us all. Contaminated water does not know political boundaries. I would encourage tiredtaxpayerinmaine and others to do some research and attempt to find studies / propaganda that are not produced from the industry itself. Here is a brief video that explains the fracking process. Is fracking good or bad? Bad. Very bad.

  • shocknawe!!

    Some of these very people caused a very violent protest in canada. Police vehicles were burned, the road was blocked off an ambulance needed to get through but the protestors would not let it by, and a man almost died because of it! Do we really need these people here in maine?? Let’s ship them back to canada and shut the door before they try to do it here!!!

    • standingtogether

      I must correct you. Those of us demonstrating yesterday were almost entirely from Maine–both Indigenous and non-Indigenous (white) people standing together out of concern for, yes, what is happening just over the border, but also for what is very likely to be happening here in Maine soon–unnecessary threats to our water. We all need to get educated about fracking and the dangers. Also, your facts are incorrect about what happened in Canada–the police interrupted a peaceful demonstration and attacked the protestors in an attempt to remove them and many people were hurt including women and Elders.

    • OronoMolly

      Its really sad the level of ignorance we have about what is actually happening. “These people” are local people standing up for the same thing the people in Canada are standing up FOR… and that’s clean WATER. Google “fracking” or watch the documentary “Gasland” – it’s people like you who spread false information that allow the greedy corporations to continue their destructive track. What you wrote above is a blatant UNTRUTH.

      • tiredtaxpayerinmaine

        Ummmmm….. please see my comment above. And, try watching a movie called “FrackNation” if you’d like to hear the TRUTH.

  • OronoMolly

    This reporting could have been much, more stronger. Fracking has completely destroyed huge swaths of land and has completely poisoned millions of gallons of water which we can never get back. Its a death sentence. It requires alot of water to frack, and it destroys a lot of water. We cannot live without water. This is urgent, but we don’t hear much about the danger of fracking in mainstream media (?? Gee, I wonder why). I can’t imagine that anyone there yesterday said we needed to frack more responsibly. Who said that? No one I’m sure. Because there’s no such thing as responsible fracking at this point in time. That’s why almost every other country in the WORLD has banned it, except the US and Canada.

    • tiredtaxpayerinmaine

      Really? Really? Where is your proof that fracking has done so much damage? If that were true, we would not be able to continue as the oil/gas fields would have been shut down a looooooooong time ago by the EPA and other gov’t agencies. Fracking water is filtered before is comes up out of the hole, so how is the water being destroyed? Other countries use fracking. OPEC funded the movie GasLand because they wanted to spread false propaganda to instill a fear in the general consensus that fracking is bad, yet OPEC itself, uses fracking in other countries. They just didn’t want to lose profits to American countries and wanted us dependent upon them.

      • Lolar

        OPEC is funded by private industries such as Koch Brothers, 26% of stocks in oil & gas exploration; Big Oil of of Texas; and many others. $100,000+ (kickstarter) was supported by said companies for the antiphon to GasLand.

  • tiredtaxpayerinmaine

    Wow!! Wow!! I really wish people would do real research instead of watching movies like GasLand which was financed by OPEC who wants to instill fear in the American people so we will stop drilling for our own resources! Have any of you even been to a drilling site or talked to someone that actually works in the field? Probably not. I have several family members and friends that work in the oil/gas industry from WireLine to Fracking to Coil Tubing. Please bear with me as I try to explain the process.

    There are many phases to drilling, but I am going to skip over the geologists/engineering/research that goes into a well site, and go right into the drilling part. When a well is drilled, it is drilled vertically about a mile or so deep, then it is drilled horizontally to get to many pockets of gas/oil instead of having to drill several vertical wells. As the water table is generally anywhere from 35 to 125 ft deep, these water tables are not affected by the oil/gas well. Each well is then encased with cement/iron tubing so no gas/oil can escape or leak into the water supply as it comes out of the hole. The well site is secured and sealed until the next phase. Then, in comes fracking/wireline/coil tubing to do their respected parts. When coiled tubing is finished, the well is then ready to start producing. Once a well site has been pumped “dry” so to speak, it is sealed off and in several years, it may be reopened to harvest any new gas/oil that has developed.

    Fracking is one of many steps to prep a well site. It does not produce harmful chemicals or tainted water. Any water that is pumped out is filtered as it comes back up through the well. The water table has been sealed off by the cementing/iron tubing.
    So, can anyone here please tell me how this is harmful? And, please, don’t quote GasLand again! Go to any of the sites yourself and look at the “damage” that he is falsely reporting. That little town in Texas he claims is now a wasteland…. false! Still as green and beautiful as it was before the wells went in. Those wells in PA that were “contaminated?” Again, false! Most of those wells already had methane levels in them BEFORE the drilling started… talk with the real homeowners and not people looking for their five minutes of fame. Drilling is being done in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, California, Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota, Alaska, Colorado…. and I don’t see people dying from chemical exposure, lack of water or contaminated water. Towns are not being left destroyed and barren. People aren’t growing three heads. So, please….. PLEASE stop all the fear-mongering and hateful lies.