Fields Pond Makes Renovations Before Winter 

With the cold weather on its way some people have been working on the last of their outdoor projects.

That is what has been going on at Fields Pond Audubon Center.

Volunteers were working on rebuilding a frog pond dock on Saturday.

The dock is used to teach children and their families about the wildlife that inhabits the pond.

The rebuilding of the dock is just one of the many projects on the audubon center’s to-do list.

Lead educator at Fields Pond Audubon Center, Cyndi Kuhn said, “So far this is the second thing on the list of things to do today that’s been done, we’re real excited about that. And so we have a list of on going projects that we’re real excited about.”

The new dock will be bigger than the old one.

They are also putting in a ramp for wheelchair access.