Biddeford Man Indicted In Bicyclist’s Death 

BIDDEFORD, Maine (AP) — A grand jury has indicted a Biddeford man authorities say was drunk when his pickup truck struck a family riding their bicycles, killing the dad.

The Portland Press Herald, reports that David Labonte was indicted Thursday on charges including manslaughter and drunken driving.

Police say the 56-year-old Labonte drove into the family on Aug. 2 while they were riding on the sidewalk. Jamerico Elliott was killed, and his 15-month-old son, in a seat on his dad’s bike, was severely hurt. The boy’s mother, Melodie Brennan, suffered less serious injuries.

Police say Labonte’s blood-alcohol content was about twice the legal threshold for driving. Because of prior drunken driving convictions, he was not allowed to drive with alcohol in his system.

Labonte said an asthma-induced coughing fit caused him to pass out.