“Take a Veteran to School Day” in Prospect Harbor 

Fifth through eighth grade students at the Peninsula School had some special visitors Thursday.

It was the third annual “Take a Veteran To School Day” in Prospect Harbor.

“A lot of them don’t understand what a veteran is, what a veteran has done and we have a huge community of veterans in the area and in the state and it’s important to recognize and honor what they’ve done for our country,” said Sarah Norwood, a 6th-8th grade social studies teacher at the school, who organized the event.

“I kept asking Ms. Norwood questions until this day came. I always wanted to see what the shirts were going to be like this year and so excited to see what veterans we had this year,” said Tyler, an eighth grader.

Veterans from World War II to today’s military participated this year.

“It’s just good that the kids have interest and I’m honored to be asked to come down,” said Robert Haycock, a US Coast Guard veteran.

At the opening assembly, Ashley Church shared what she learned from interviewing a veteran earlier this year.

“I’ll definitely never forget it. I told my veteran how I wanted to be a singer when I was older and he had told me to follow my dreams and stuff,” said Church, a seventh grader.

Students broke up into small groups and got to hear about these hero’s service.

“Some of the questions they ask…,” said Robert Labrie, a US Army veteran laughing.

“I did it in Bangor one time and I talked about being shot down in Vietnam and different things like that and they all wrote me letters afterwards and one of them said, ‘I hope you don’t fall down anymore you know,'” he said.

“I like to hear what their stories are about, how the wars were, and what the history behind the wars were, and what actually happened in the war,” said Tyler.

It’s a day both the students and veterans will never forget.

“A lot of schools aren’t even teaching them about the Vietnam War. We don’t want to be forgotten either,” said Labrie.