Former Secretary of Defense Back in Maine 

Former Senator and Secretary of Defense William Cohen was back in Maine on Thursday.

He was at the University of Maine in Orono for the latest in the lecture series in his name.

Cohen represented Maine in Congress for 24 years.

From time-to-time Cohen went against his Republican party, voting with the Democratic party.

These days, lawmakers can’t seem to get along and Cohen believes things won’t get any better, until both parties find ways to work together.

“What we have now and that is showdowns, threats to impair our credit rating. Have we not learned a lesson from the last time? When we lost our triple A credit rating and what that does to us. Have we not learned a lesson of what the signal is that we send to other countries when we say we’re the keepers of the flame. We’re the ones who are holding up the lamp of liberty. Be like us. They say, really? You don’t make decisions anymore, you haven’t had a budget in five years,” said Cohen.

Cohen’s guest at Thursday afternoon’s lecture was former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson who is co-chair of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.