Waterville Couple Who Ran Against Each Other Reacts to Results 

In Waterville, it was Johnson and Johnson running against each other.

Jennifer and David Johnson are married, both ran for Ward One Warden.

She as a Democrat, he as a Republican…Jennifer won.

They received national attention when they decided to run against each other, but they are united when it comes to helping their community.

Jenn and Dave are working to open a food pantry at the George Mitchell School.

They’ve helped raised enough money to fund the pantry for the next two years.

The Johnsons hope they can be an example to the community, and Congress, that people in different political parties can work together.

As for the election, they had fun. Jenn is looking forward to her future as a warden.

“I’m not surprised. At least the person I voted for won,” said Dave Johnson about his loss.

“I’m going to be using this for the rest of our lives as a tipping point in any argument. You know, you’re going to have to do the dishes because remember I won,” said Jenn Johnson, the Ward 1 Warden Incumbent.

She also added, “I am definitely looking forward to helping out on Election Day. It’s going to be fun to be there, to help voters, and encourage them and thank them for being there. It’s an important process and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.”

As for all of the media coverage, “It’s been surprising how much attention it’s gotten, but it’s been a good time and I would definitely do it again.”