UMaine ROTC Honor Veterans with Benefit 5K 

The University of Maine is the host school to nearly 80 collegiate ROTC cadets in the area.

“A group of people like that, that you can call on, especially as a college student. You may need a ride somewhere, or anything that you really need, they’ll help you out with. It’s a brother and sisterhood,” said Cadet Captain Michael Walsh.

Cadets come from schools like Husson and Colby College.

“You know, Husson’s a small environment, so we’re a tight-knit community here, but, also being able to talk to people from UMaine, and use them as resources, and they just have different outlooks and aspects on things, so, it’s nice to be able to utilize that,” said Cadet Cody Partridge.

For four years, students will be challenged mentally, and physically, while attending school, and training to be in the Army.

One of those challenges is a Veteran’s Day 5-K run that’s become a tradition the last three years.

“Every November 11th is Veterans Day, and it’s the time that we take to set aside to honor those folks that have served in the Armed Forces, whether it’s during peace time, or combat. And, we show our respects, and honor for the service that they’ve rendered,” said Senior Military Instructor of the UMaine Army ROTC Department, Thomas Bannister.

Proceeds from the race will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and the 20th Maine Honor Society.

“It’s just great to be involved in an organization like that, and give back in any little way possible to soldiers who have been wounded in the line of duty,” said Cadet Battalion Commander, Nathan Ackerson.

Instructors say events like the race, and the daily dedication of these cadet,s is something they couldn’t be more proud of.

“It’s almost magical when you see it in their eyes, and you see, you know, that they understand that they’re willing to step up, be a leader in today’s army, and make some of those hard decisions,” said Bannister.

“My hopes for the 5K this weekend are that we as many runners as we possibly can, raise as much money as we can, that way we can help as many soldiers as we can,” said Walsh.

The ROTC invites anyone to join the race Saturday.

You can register now or from 6am to 8am at the Mahaney Dome on the UMaine campus the day of the race.

The race begins at 8:30am on Saturday morning.

It’s $20 person.

For more info you can call the ROTC office at 581-1121.