Students Face Emotions at Challenge Day 

Sophomores at Hermon High School got to know each other a little better, Wednesday. The students spent all day discussing the changes they would like to see in their world. It’s called “Challenge Day,” and it’s facilitated by a California non-profit.

Acadia Hospital helps fund the day, devoted to teaching high school students how to live in an environment of respect, compassion and acceptance.

At the end of the day, students got up in front of the whole class and shared their positive experiences.

“While some people came in here and said, ‘I’m willing to do whatever,’ and mostly the “man thing” a lot of my friends are like oh I’m really tough in a tough guy and I saw half of them go in there and ball their eyes out and it was just a great experience for me,” said student, Corbin Tate.

“This is easy. ┬áBut the hard part is to make sure that they, we can try to keep this going and I just think that constant reminders and just trying to get kids to remember,” said teacher, Shelley Gavett.

This is the 12th year Hermon High School has participated in Challenge Day.