Camden Community Helps One of their Own 

The Camden fire department calls themselves a brotherhood.

But on October 13th, one of the brother’s needed help.

The Assistant Fire Chief, Bob Stiehler, and his wife were trying to cross Main Street when he was hit by a car.

“As I laid kind of crumpled up on the curve just before I went unconscious there, my pager went off and I heard them toning out the call,” said Stiehler.

That’s when Atlantic Engine Company #2 arrived at the scene.

Camden Fire Leuitenant Scott Entwistle said, “You have to be a first responder and continue to do your duty as a firefighter but it is a little difficult to see one of your own down.”

After the accident, Stiehler spent eight days in the hospital.

He couldn’t use his hands and has seven bulging disks in his spine.

But now, Stiehler is on the road to recovery.

“He does do well for himself but it does hurt when you’re not able to work in these times right now,” said Entwistle.

The fire department is holding a Spaghetti Dinner to Raise money for Stiehler and his family.

“That piece of mind is just – you can’t put a price tag on it and that just allows me to heal all that faster,” said the Asst. Fire Chief.

The spaghetti dinner will be held Saturday, November 9th from 5pm-8pm.

It’s at the First Congregational Church at 55 Elm Street in Camden.

If you’d like to donate, visit the Atlantic Engine Company #2’s website.