Math Mania in Eddington 

The Eddington School made math extra fun today for its students.

It was “Math Mania.”

Math stations were a fun *addition* to the school’s gymnasium.

School staff, parents, community members, and volunteers have worked together since summer to create the event.

The kids learned a lot…and had their favorite stations,

“The putting because it’s harder than the other ones. I got them all in the hole cause I got them in the angle correctly,” said first grader Calvin.

“Even nowadays, students still say ‘why do I need to learn this,’ ‘when will I ever use this math,’ and this is a perfect example of all the different ways we can use math in our lives and it’s fun,” said Susanne Gallant

The kids also got some construction tips from United Tech Center students and they can revisit the stations Tuesday night with their parents.