Manna Ministries’ Thrift Store Opens in Bangor 

Monday was the grand opening of Manna Ministries’ new thrift store in Bangor.

All proceeds from “The Home Thrift Store” on Hillside Avenue will be used to support Manna programs.

Organizers tell us the store has great discounts.

They were happy with the first day turn out.

“Oh my goodness gracious the place was full. People were going outside, were outside the door. I know it’s still a novelty, but it’s again, I think it’s really going to give this community a place to help our neighbors in need. I’ll tell you what, Bangor, Maine takes care of our homeless and takes care of our poor and takes care of the people who have a need, so thank you for coming, but keep on shopping down at Manna, at the Home Thrift Store,” Bill Rae, Executive Director of Manna Ministries.

Manna is accepting donation items as long as they’re not broken, torn, or dirty.

You can drop them off at the thrift store during store hours, 10am to 6pm Monday through Saturday.

It’s located at 51 Hillside Avenue in Bangor.

Manna says the store will help neighbors in need. Anyone who needs clothing and can’t afford it can go to Manna Ministries on 629 Main Street in Bangor.