Dessert Debris Causes Rollover Accident in Palmyra 

Police say bakery goods strewn all over the road caused an accident on I-95 southbound in Palmyra Monday morning.

State Police say they were already on the way to mile marker 157 after getting calls about dessert debris on the highway when they were told a car and SUV collided with each other while trying to avoid the mess.

The SUV rolled over.

Officials say three people were transported to the hospital. One person with possible serious injuries. Two with minor injuries.

“I mean as a note you can run over bread and cookies. Apparently the bread, one of the drivers thought it was wood, wasn’t quite sure if they should drive over it, but drive right over the bread and cookies. Don’t stop,” said Trooper Adam Gould.

I-95 southbound was closed for more than half an hour. It is reopened now.

Traffic was directed off of exit 157.

Police are still not sure how the bakery items got on the highway.