Former Maine Sports Hall of Famer’s Case Continues in Court 

Former Maine Sports Hall of Famer Dana Wilson was scheduled to be sentenced Friday for possession of child pornography charges.

During the hearing, Wilson’s attorney filed a motion to withdraw his client’s no contest plea and instead have the case go to trial.

The Wilson entered the original plea back in May, but he was using a different lawyer at the time.

Judge ruled he has to look at the transcript from the no contest plea and then have a hearing on the withdrawal motion.

The state said they are not pleased with the decision.

Deputy District Attorney Mike Roberts said, “I’m disappointed though that this case has been delayed once again. We’ve been prepared for trial on several occasions and we’ve been prepared for sentencing for several occasions after Mr. Wilson entered his plea. This case has been a history of delay and unfortunately it’s continuing.”

No date has been set for the hearing, the Deputy District Attorney expects it to be in early December.